Noise2Info Group delivers value to its stakeholders in government, business and the third sector through an array of offerings through its  brands:

Soft Power Diplomacy

N2I Strategic Advisory Services

We focus on helping businesses especially in the innovation space to collaborate across borders.  We are India centric, with a special focus on exporting India’s frugal innovation through its innovative Make in India programme to developing markets.


Connecting the Indian startup ecosystem with those abroad is another core area of expertise where we help Indian startups plant their flags or grow abroad; as well as assisting foreign startups to enter India.  To find out more and have an exploratory chat please get in touch.

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities in India

Aiding firms in achieving real value for money on their CSR investment. India is the only country where CSR spending is required by law and is a catalyst for public private partnership in development and delivering public good. We have delivered for Indian operations of large multinationals, Foreign govt. Aid Agency, Large Consulting Firms as well as Indian corporate groups among others.

Digital growth hacking with SEO and marketing automation.

Simply put we help you increase your digital traffic and then convert them into customers. We do this through a data driven analytical approach led by content. O

Working in harmony with other parts of Noise2Info, Growth Matrics also offers content led comprehensive digital campaigning advice and execution primarily for large companies/groups across global markets with clients in Europe, India and Asia Pacific currently. We also develop and monetise data driven digital assets.